Manure treatment system, separating the solid part from the liquid, in which Liquid Fertilizer is obtained



The manure is received in the reception raft of farm, starting from the receipt it is necessary to proceed homogenization using a submersible agitator

From this raft the manure is pumped to mechanical solid-liquid separator, in which the first solid liquid separation is done. In this moment the solid part is brought to the biomass plant for its transformation to biomass, used in heating boilers of farms, as replacement of conventional biomass or fossil fuels

The liquid which still contains solid parts in suspension is treated, at this moment we have not reduced any contaminants. For this liquid are applied some chemical products which facilitate the union of solid matter in suspension which still is in the liquid and which we separate in the following process

After this process we already have obtained the liquid with some solid parts in suspension, approximately 20µ/l, it can be treated by electro coagulation system continuously, is which are proceeded the following:

This liquid is used to obtain the appropriate fertilizers for agricultural crops, carrying out the composition suitable for each crop, or its bottling for ornamental plants, and gardening

With this system we obtain the reduction of land associated to livestock exploitation, modifying the Integrated Environmental Authorisation, at the same percentage as the reduction of nitrogen that we get

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The whole system is protected by patent nº 2 473 440